Sustainability in the Storchen Zürich

Sustainability Report

As the oldest hotel in the city with a priveleged position banking on the River Limmat (which, with 5 nostalgic open-air pools on its banks, con-
tinues the 19th century tradition of bathing), the topic of sustainability is of great importance to us.

When we tell our guests that they can swim in the Limmat and that the water is of drinking quality, they are often amazed. Standing on our own Storchen Pier, our guests can imagine being in Venice - except that the water in Zürich is crystal clear.

Already in the 14th century the wine and vegetable merchants frequented the Storchen after they had finished their business on the nearby Gemüsebrücke (Vegetable Bridge).

We are proud of the fact that our traditional establishment is able to unite Zürich's Savoir-Vivre with sustainability. Our close co-operation with local farmers and fishermen and our regional cuisine are just a couple of examples of our extraordinary environmental management, confirmed in the establishment being certified to ISO 14001 standard, and which every guest in our hotel should sense.

Here only the very best is done to ensure that our special place stays as nice as it is for the next 650 years.

Here is a short list of measures that the Storchen Zürich has implemented for some time now:

• Sensitizing/regular training of
   our Storchen staff in regard to
• Regional products are used
   whenever possible in our
• Environmental friendly cleaning
   agents are used in the whole of
   the hotel.

• All bed linen and towels in our rooms are changed only on demand
   (see picture).
• 100% recycled printer paper is used and much of our data is only
   electronically stored.
• Our rubbish is strictly separated and is disposed of in an environ-
   mental friendly way.
• Thanks to the Bio-Transsystems in the kitchen, environmental
   friendly energy is produced from catering waste.
• Our lamps are being replaced by LED lighting.
• Every renovation and renewal in the house is in accordance with
   Minergie guidelines.

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